David Earle is a contemporary British painter, born 1989 in North Yorkshire.  

Investigating light is the most fundamental aspect of Earle’s work. Colour is light and he uses colour as a way of expressing the human experience of time and space. Using the city as his motif, he explores the infinite possibilities of painting, with an emphasis on the purely visual aspects of form and colour. Through his investigations he is trying to create a type of painting that has independent aesthetic style that is deeply atmospheric.

Earle is looking to create a visual harmony that includes ambiguity and clarity, as well as absence and presence, in order to express the hazy mystery of nature. Obviously nature cannot be fully understood or rendered in paint. There is no such thing as a perfect painting and this is a reminder of our human imperfection. The inability to reach perfection and to comprehend the incomprehensible leads us to explore ways of expressing ourselves. This search is a never ending process, however the process itself can be satisfying. Earle’s practice reflects this mindset as there is constant experimentation and exploration of different techniques and new ideas for his painting process.

Earle’s work has been exhibited throughout the UK and internationally with exhibitions at the Persterer Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Zurich (2018); Rarity Gallery, Mykonos (2018); Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art, Milan (2016); Artdog London, London (2016), Artdog London, Hong Kong (2015); Artdog London, New York (2015).

Earle currently lives and works in the United Kingdom

david earle | artist | united kingdom 

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